“Can I show you something”,
“Can I help you find something?”

If someone can’t find their way around your website they’ll leave.

One of the main reasons customers leave a website is that they are having difficulty navigating their way around the website. We ensures that does not happen.

In fact 77% of people who prefer live chat prefer it because they get their questions answered immediately.

Our Live Chat Operators will have been thoroughly briefed on your site’s contents and where to find things that people Commonly ask for and are always there to help your visitors.

So if a visitor to your site Cannot find Something, they’ll be there to show them the way and guide them to the information they need. Whether it’s finding the FAQ’s page, finding a white paper to download, looking for a color range, wanting to know what warranty you give or just finding out about your opening hours, the quicker they get the right information, the better the chance you have of making that sale.

In doing this, it also gives you the chance to find out what they are looking for and match that to your service, or if it’s not something you provide, perhaps to switch them to an alternative you can provide, maybe even with a deal to sweeten the sale.

This isn’t something a website can do on its own, it needs a Trained Live Chat Operators or agents to find out what the visitor wants and then work out the best option or deal for them.

Rapid Live Chat’s Professional Operators will do that for you every day, acting as an online lead generator through live chat agents 24 hours a day, leaving you free to focus on closing sales from all those leads, leads you might not otherwise have had.