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Appointment scheduling software for small business UK

“When are you free?”, “When is best for you?”

Making appointments is not producing business. Sitting them does that.

When you have a busy business, Sitting down with clients or calling them when you know they will be there and ready to talk, makes you more effective at generating sales.

But making those appointments and then changing them as people’s lives change can be a time consuming but not very productive work.

When you’re not there, you need someone to make an appointment for you.

So whether you are a builder or decorator needing to visit a potential client to offer a quote or a financial advisor making an appointment to visit a potential client and discuss life insurance or a pension, having someone make and manage all those appointments for you can be a godsend

Rapid Live Chat’s 24/7 live appointment booking service and Outsourced customer support service will professionally manage all your appointments and keep you informed at all times. So if an appointment needs to be moved or canceled, we do it for you in the Online diary or through email, you can instantly see what has changed. We offer 24/7 Appointment scheduling software for small business.

Alternatively, you can give us access to your online appointment system and we can do it for you there as well.

So if a Customer wants to book an appointment at 11pm at night, when you are already in bed and asleep, they can because Rapid Live Chat Service do it for you.