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Helping Hands Through Live Chat

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

Ensuring that your Website Visitors get exactly what they want quickly and easily is key.

The main reasons why Customers leave a Website is that they are unable to find the information they are looking for or they are having difficulty navigating their way around the website.  We ensure that does not happen.

We know that when Customers are unable to find the answers they want they will leave your website within 3 min. This is why rapid live chat operators will engage with your Customers within 1 min of them coming Online.

Research has shown that 82% of Internet users feel that they have had a great Online experience if they can have their issue resolved or find what they are looking for quickly. Rapid live chat ensures that.

Many People prefer to have someone help them find what they want rather than search a Website for it.

Not only that, but people often browse the web in the evening When they are also doing something else, like Watching television. So their attention can often wander from your site to the Programme and back again.

In Fact, Research has shown that 43% of People who used live chat solutions prefer it because they can Multitask while chatting.

So if they haven’t landed exactly where they need to be, then a helping hand quickly extended, can ensure they are quickly engaged and finding the information they wanted, just as if they’d rung you and asked the question.

It can also be especially useful on e-commerce sites, when customers can often get as far as the shopping cart and then for some reason do not go any further. Our Personal Shopper service through Live Chat Operators UK can help ensure those sales complete.

Lead Generator

“Can I get someone to call you?”

Every business needs to generate leads online if it is to grow and be competitive in the digital world We live in nowadays.

You’ve already paid for a website and spent a lot of time creating Content and uploading it. So why waste that and spend more money to generate Leads. Make more of the people Visiting your Website through Live Chat Service UK as a source of leads that you know has come to the site by typing in a search for something they are interested in or want to buy.

Browsers can make good customers, as long as you can convert them. So engaging with visitors to your website quickly and effectively, can ensure that we find out as much as possible about what they are looking for a can quickly sort out the “tyre kickers” from those ready to purchase and start the process of getting them to buy something, make a donation or just download a specific item that you want them to have.

It may be that your product is more complex and has a longer sales process, including trial and pilot stages. But the journey has to start with the first step.

So if your Website responds to their needs quickly and effectively, then their first impressions are positive and the first step towards the trust needed for a major purchase has been achieved.